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MonkerSolver / MonkerViewer

MonkerSolver and MonkerViewer are game theory optimal poker tools developed by monkerware.com. Simulations can take weeks to complete on dedicated servers with very high memory (RAM) requirements. MonkerGuy does the work for you, by providing both fully solved game trees aswell as preflop charts which can be loaded in the FREE MonkerViewer application.

I Can't Find The Solution For My Game! Can You Solve It For Me?

Yes, please send details of your game to support@monkerguy.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Setting Up MonkerViewer (Windows)

- If you have not yet installed MonkerSolver, create a new folder and name it 'MonkerSolver'.
- Download monkerviewer.exe and move this file to your /MonkerSolver/ folder.
- Inside /MonkerSolver/ create a new folder and name it 'Ranges'

Loading MonkerGuy Solutions In MonkerViewer (Windows)

- All of our solutions can be viewed in MonkerViewer (no license required).
- After you receive your Dropbox invitation, download the file 'MonkerViewer - xxxx .zip'.
- Extract this file and move all contents from the Ranges folder to your MonkerSolver/Ranges/ folder. So, for example your folders are organised like this /MonkerSolver/Ranges/Hold'em/6-way/100bb/***.rng
(It's very important to keep the correct folder structure intact!)
- Run monkerviewer.exe and login (or create your free account)
- Please ignore 'Server Offline' message
- Your MonkerGuy solutions can be viewed by clicking 'Local'.

Loading MonkerGuy Solutions In MonkerSolver (Windows)

- In order to view full saved runs in MonkerSolver, you must first purchase a full license.
- Purchase can be made from inside the MonkerViewer software after creating your free account. (For more information please refer to www.monkerware.com).
- After you receive your Dropbox invitation, download the .mkr file.
- Move this file to /MonkerSolver/savedRuns/
- You can now load the full solved tree by running MonkerSolver.exe, Click Solve and the Open Folder icon.
- The number of streets you can load will depend on your available RAM. At first I recommend loading Preflop '1 street only', then check your Windows Resource Manager to see how much RAM you have still available. Proceed to add more streets to view postflop.
- To allocate more RAM to MonkerSolver, you will need to edit /MonkerSolver/MonkerSolver.l4j.ini (just double click and open with NotePad). Inside this file -Xms refers to the RAM MonkerSolver is allocated upon startup (usually 1G is enough), while -Xmx refers to the maximum RAM MonkerSolver can use in total (set this to your PC limit).

How Are Bet/Raise Sizes Calculated In MonkerViewer?

Monker refers to blinds as chips. In all our sims the SB = 1 Chip.
Raise sizes are always additional to the previous bet.
Example: Open 3sb, means open 3sb + 2sb(big blind) = 5sb, so open 2.5bb.
Example: 3bet 12sb, If the open was to 5sb then the reraise is to 17sb (12+5)
Here is the formula Monker uses for raise sizes.
(Raise % x (all previous bets + previous bet) + previous bet
Blinds 1/2.
Open raise 50%
0.50(1+2+2) + 2 = 4.5
Raise to 4.5
3bet 75%
0.75(1+2+4.5+4.5) + 4.5 = 13.5
3bet to 13.5

How Can I See Mixed Strategy In MonkerViewer?

When you are viewing the charts, press 'Enter' on your keyboard. Click back to the tree to refresh and see Mixed Strategy view.

Please check back often as we release new solutions and add information to this knowledge base.